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Our search engine optimization philosophy is simple, we want to drive more highly targeted traffic to your website by improving your visibility within the search engines. SEO is a continuous process which yields long-term results.

Will SEO help all websites?

No not necessarily. Now before you panic there is always a web marketing solution to bring more quality traffic to your website, but sometimes your current search engine ranking can’t be reversed due to bad SEO practices that may have been used on your website in the past and in extreme cases you may be best to start over. We would not waste our time and your money if we didn’t feel like we could help you.

I don’t see why my website needs search engines or SEO.

Yes we have heard the following on several occasions,” I have a great looking and well functioning website and I already sell a lot of product online using my existing client Database and our product newsletters and we don’t even rank high in the search engine organic listings.”

Yes this may be true as there are many web marketing solutions that can bring highly targeted traffic to your site; however, we have also had these same people come back to us a year later and say that sales are off, but it must just be the economy.

Yes that could be true also, but what if your old reliable clients have a done a search for your products on the major search engines and discovered that you aren’t the only supplier and your competition includes Free shipping or even that their prices are better. Don’t get caught looking behind you at where you have been, make sure you include search engines and search engine optimization in the future vision you have for your website.


77 – 83% of all website traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


46% of all online buyers use Search Engines for their purchases.


91% of those searchers never go beyond the second page of search results.


74% of potential buyers that find your website by using search engines will become interested in your product or service.

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Information from some of the most respected global sources regarding Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization.

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