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Website Analytics

Website Analytics using Google Analytics

At Spider Choice we believe that understanding the visitors to your site is as important as actually driving them to your website. We can provide you with website analytics solutions that will give you insight into your websites current traffic so you can plan for the future.
Installing Google Analytics on your website is a good start, but having professionals like Spider Choice to interpret the data will result in more efficient and cost effective Internet Marketing solutions.

Installing Google Analytics

Google does a great job of making their software user-friendly so anyone with a basic understanding of the structure of their website can install Analytics. However we have seen many improperly installed Analytics codes that will result in unreliable data being provided.

User Flow

See how viewers enter and exit your website.
Know what pages are of the most interest to them and customize your site for better user flow.

Geo Targeting

Using Google Website Analytics geo targeting will help you to see where your traffic comes from. You can see your global searches or narrow it down to country, province/state or city.
It’s a good way to see if you’re targeting the appropriate areas for your service or products.

This can be very useful if you are using Google Ads campaigns as well.

Map showing Google Analytics Geo Targeting.
Website Analytics Traffic Acquisition Layout.

Traffic Acquisition

See where your traffic comes from so you can make sure you’re reaching the potential clients in the areas relevant to you.

Contact us at Spiderchoice to learn more about the Google Analytics for your website and how to improve your traffic.


77 – 83% of all website traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


46% of all online buyers use Search Engines for their purchases.


91% of those searchers never go beyond the second page of search results.


74% of potential buyers that find your website by using search engines will become interested in your product or service.

Logos for search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo looking through a magnifying glass.

Information from some of the most respected global sources regarding Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization.

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